Enhance your wellness with personal one-on-one workouts with Susan Moore or Tracy Bray. Their balanced approach to fitness allows students to feel positive, safe and motivated.  Our Studio is the perfect space to experience their dedication to your health and wellness.

As a fitness trainer, Tracy’s goals are to inspire and motivate clients in helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. She utilizes her knowledge of sport and fitness training to connect with clients, to learn and understand what their unique needs are, to help with effective goal setting, create individualized programs, and work together (step-by-step) in achieving a healthy body and mind.


  • One Hour Session – $65
  • Five Session Package – $300

Tracy Bray, MA, Personal Training



Tracy Bray is a certified personal trainer and fitness expert who has served clients in New York City and Los Angeles for more than 17 years.

Tracy stresses the long-term health benefits of improving one’s strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness – leading to an enhanced self esteem, a positive outlook on life, and a better appearance.

Tracy is committed to continuously learning and sharing her knowledge in order to help others achieve their goals, while providing the guidance and motivation to stay consistent.

American Council on Exercise (ACE)
International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
American Heart Association (in CPR)

National Gym Association (NGA) Physique pro
Winner of the Los Angeles NPC figure championships 2003 and 2004