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Autism Spectrum Support

Relationship Development

Initiating and maintaining friendships can be challenging at times, and when Asperger’s is part of the dynamic it can feel overwhelming. Most individuals naturally socialize and desire human connection. While this innate need to connect can seem natural and easy, it can become complicated and stressful for those with high functioning autism. Learning to identify specific areas of difficulty is critical in building sustainable strategies that can inform and shape long lasting relationships. With the right type of support and counseling, individuals can effectively develop the necessary skills in order to cultivate healthy and meaningful friendships with peers and colleagues.

Neurodiverse Couples Counseling

Close and personal relationships have the potential to offer meaning and fulfillment, however for those who are in partnership with someone who has Asperger’s or similar traits, can make emotional and physical intimacy challenging. Perspective taking and communication are key elements in mutually supportive relationships. There are times when relationships become more stressed such as with the birth of a child or when a significant life change takes place. When these disparities are clearly identified and perspectives understood, mutual respect and flexible thinking can be established. Through individual, couples, and group counseling we look to support you and your partner flourish and grow.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Organization skills can be challenging for individual with high functioning autism, we look to support those who are in college or the workforce maximize their strengths by developing resources to compensate for struggles with time management and planning. Individual and group therapy is a productive way to build such skills, increase self-confidence, and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Testing

Several of the providers at NTWC also offer evaluations for children and adults with concerns related to autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders. It consists of comprehensive interviews with relevant parties (e.g., individual, parents, spouses, teachers, other providers), behavioral observations by the trained examiner (this may take place in multiple settings, such as the clinic, school, and/or home, work), relevant testing (ADOS, CARS, intelligence testing, school-readiness assessment, rating scales), follow-up feedback, a recommendations meeting, and a comprehensive report. (Call for Pricing)
Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center | Stephanie DeSouza, MSW

Stephanie DeSouza, MSW offers services for children, teens and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

She has over 15 years of experience working with and supporting children, teens, and their parents. Stephanie is well-versed in working with school and college-aged individuals who struggle with anxiety disorders, ADHD, depression, grief, and peer or parental relationship difficulties.

Stephanie also specializes in working with individuals who have high functioning autism who are looking for reassurance and strategies to enhance their relationships and develop life skills. Stephanie is also the Director of Counseling Services at The Pennington School as well as the director of AMICA, a day camp for children and teens with social skills deficits in Bucks County, PA.