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Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center | Psychotherapy


The therapists at Newtown Therapy and Wellness Center offer individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy, both In-Office and through Tele-Health.

Testing & Assessment

Here at Newtown Therapy and Wellness Center, several of our Psychologists perform psychological, ADHD and Psycho-Educational testing and evaluation services.
Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center | Testing & Assessment
Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center | Autism Spectrum Support

Autism Spectrum Support

Specialized providers at Newtown Therapy offer support for individuals of all ages with autism, to reach their full educational, social, and emotional potential.


Neurofeedback therapy is a tool to help regulate emotions, focus, and trains neural pathways to improve attention, sleep and other mental health concerns.

Yoga & Wellness

Yoga and Mindfulness practice has many mental health and physical benefits, including increased concentration, improved memory, boosting immunity, better mood, and decreased anxiety and depression.

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy uses the body, movement and dance as a way of expressing oneself and findings ways of exploring and addressing therapeutic goals. It is an approach to psychotherapy that supplements talk therapy as a way of finding solutions.
Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center | Dance Movement Therapy
Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center | Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis is a wonderful way to make positive changes in your life. It is completely natural. Hypnosis is a gentle way to deeply relax, have fun, and use your…