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Hypnosis is a wonderful way to make positive changes in your life. It is completely natural. Hypnosis is a gentle way to deeply relax, have fun, and use your wonderful imagination.

The most familiar uses for hypnosis are to stop smoking and lose weight. In addition, hypnosis helps with eating problems, trying new foods, and finicky eaters. It can remove unwanted habits such as nail biting and picking at skin. Hypnosis can give you confidence in public speaking, in expressing ideas at meetings, and enhance your sales performance. It can help improve your test scores by showing your subconscious mind how to focus and concentrate. Hypnosis has the ability to eliminate phobias and fears of flying, talking on the phone, going over bridges, driving on highways, and climbing ladders, just to name a few. Additionally, it can improve confidence in sports and performance in the arts. Hypnosis can help you quiet negative self-talk, improving self-esteem and release thoughts which are holding you back. Hypnosis allows you to move forward in your life, feeling positive, happy and in control.

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Jill Tannenbaum CHt. Certified Hypnotherapist. Jill earned her BA from Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison, NJ. She achieved her Master Level Certification in Hypnotherapy from the Master Center and Institute of the Hypnosis Sciences through Dr. Philip Holder. Jill is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists, Pediatric Hypnosis by Don Mottin and the National Guild of Hypnotists and a member of the Hypnotism Society of Pennsylvania.
Jill works with adults and children to help them achieve their goals through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation with a heightened focus of attention. Your critical mind (for example the part of your mind that makes all those to do lists) takes a rest, allowing for heightened awareness and concentration. The subconscious mind (your creativity, your imagination) takes over and suggestions for creating the positive changes you want are then given by Jill. Anything the subconscious mind likes it will accept, creating a positive change to take place. You are always in control!
Jill would like to help you achieve your goals by showing you how powerful your mind is at accomplishing whatever you choose through hypnosis. Each program is highly customized toward her client. With Jill’s guidance as a Certified Hypnotherapist, there are many things hypnosis can help you with to feel better, gain confidence, and take back control.

Rates: $120/session and $480/program


"I am happy to say, thanks to Jill Tannenbaum I am no longer a smoker nor will I ever smoke again. I started smoking over 20 years ago, I had no problem quitting with each of my pregnancies but went back to smoking after each child. Now that I wanted to quit not just for my children but for myself, it seemed like the hardest thing to do. I felt like it was bigger than me. I am under an extraordinary amount of stress, for me I thought, smoking was my way of trying to cope with that stress, now because of Jill I no longer think that way. I have a friend who was a much heavier smoker then me, she tried everything to quit, nothing worked until she tried hypnosis. I didn't know anything about hypnosis other then it worked for my friend until I met Jill. I read her website, sent her an email asking her for help. She quickly called me and made me feel instantly comfortable talking with her. She spent a good amount of time on the phone with me, she explained the process and happily answered all of my questions. I couldn't wait for my appointment! When I met Jill I instantly felt like I could trust her, we went over my history (which is long and complicated) and then Jill hypnotized me. I have to say it was the most relaxed I felt in ten years. I left the session and have not smoked or wanted too. When I think about smoking now, I think of how glad I am that I no longer do it and how with Jill's help, something that seemed so impossible was easier then I ever could have imagined. I spent the rest of my sessions with Jill working on some of my other goals!! I gave Jill's information to many of my friends who want to stop smoking or eat differently and I am so excited for them to meet her so they may reach their goals too. I am very proud of myself and very thankful to Jill. Unfortunately in the past I have encountered professionals who were anything but, the fact that Jill is extremely professional and caring makes a world of difference. If I can offer advice to help anyone I am happy to do so, I highly recommend you contact Jill and have her help you reach your goals. I am so glad I did!"

"Hypnosis with Jill was the best money I have ever spent on myself. Nail biting consumed me for over 40 years until I finally tried hypnosis. It works and feels wonderful. I highly recommend Jill Tannenbaum."

"We nicknamed my daughter "carbohydrate queen" and "junk food junkie" when she was two years old. She never met bread or junk food that she didn't like and was proud of being a picky eater. We tried everything -give her what you want her to eat, she'll eat when she's hungry ... wait until she goes to school, she'll start to eat when she sees all of her friends eating ... give her some of your dinner every night, she'll learn good eating habits if she sees you eating properly. Nothing ever worked. At 11, she still ate nothing other than peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese and pizza with an occasional hot dog or pasta with butter, just to humor us. She saw Jill's brochure in a store and thought it might help her to eat better. After two sessions, we haven't made her a separate dinner in 6 weeks! She is eating salmon, chicken, pork and shrimp and has even had a cheeseburger! We are still working on vegetables, but we couldn't be more thrilled and are currently looking for some new nicknames!"

"When my son reached the age of 13 and was still dealing with fear of the dark, I knew I needed to do something more than the traditional parenting to help him. He was really having a hard time, still needed a night light and the door ajar. But it went beyond that, he was nervous about being upstairs in his room while the rest of the family was downstairs and this was during the day. I happened upon a pamphlet of Jill’s explaining her practice and thought that hypnosis would be an excellent way to help my son deal with his anxiety. We scheduled three sessions with Jill. Fortunately, my son was open to suggestion and found the sessions to be quite calming. The ideas and strategies she suggested to him really took root and within days my son was using the house top to bottom without need for personal escort – the basement, his room – day or night – he owned this house and finally began to feel comfortable in his own skin. It has been quite a relief for my son and my family to get over this bump in the road and I know that if any of us have a problem with mind over matter issues in the future, we will call Jill and ask for her assistance again."

"In 2009 I had been selected to speak at a large, international, annual convention based on an abstract I submitted. I didn’t think the abstract would be chosen, so when I got an e-mail congratulating me on being selected as a speaker, I almost went into shock. At first it was all pride and glory, but that soon faded to dread and loathing of having to stand up in front of a large audience, on a podium and presenting a topic in which I was supposed to be an expert. In February 2009, I attended a “presenter webinar” and experienced my first symptoms of panic. When I had to speak about my topic – a relatively anonymous affair, I felt my heart pounding, my hands shaking and an inability to breathe. This was my first of what was going to be many panic attacks – and it wasn’t even at an event! As the date of my presentation loomed up on me, I found my emotions getting out of control. I could throw myself into a panic just thinking about speaking to a large audience. What made it worse was that I was considered an SME (subject matter expert), and I had no confidence in myself to hold that title. I wasn’t sure what was causing the problem, and as an R.N., I knew I needed something to help me cope. At that point, I just wanted to survive the experience. Finally, in May 2009 (only one month before the event), I decided to research hypnotherapy as a means to control my “out of control” emotions and reactions. I read everything I could from how hypnotherapy works to testimonials from people who benefited from it. Next came the hard part – choosing a hypnotherapist I could trust. As an R.N., with a strong background in “traditional” therapies, I had some doubt. However, after an exhaustive search of therapists within my area, I found Jill Tannenbaum. I was almost surprised at my selection because I have always found male voices to be more relaxing. But Jill was certified in areas that were far more fearful than mine – surgeries, dental work – things that cause physical pain as well as psychic pain. So, timidly, I called Jill’s contact number and left a message. Let me just interject a little fact here. The fear of public speaking is rated the number one fear - over the fear of death!!! When Jill got back to me, she was a pleasant and wonderful “human being” who wanted to explore how she could help me in my venture to conquer my fears. I opted immediately for the three session therapy, which I hoped would help me, at least, not to pass-out when I had to present. Then came the first meeting. The first meeting was not a rushed, “give me your history and sit here” session. We spoke for a while, making me feel comfortable; like speaking to a friend. As we spoke, Jill lead me back to the therapy room with neutral coloration and a few pieces on which one’s focus could be attained. She sat me in a comfortable, reclining chair and continued to explore what my focus was; what did I want to accomplish? We discussed my strengths, my likes and things that motivated me. (The first session is the longest to explore what ones fears are and related things that make one comfortable.) I am a doubter by nature. I question everything. So, when it came to putting me into a receptive mode, I really had my reservations. However, I had decided that I would “free my traditional soul” to a new experience - broaden my horizons. After we finished the initial questions and answers period, Jill started her relaxation and opening the more subliminal areas of the mind. I must admit, I fell into this area very easily! Through breathing exercises and relaxation, I felt almost numb! I didn’t feel out of control. It was more of a relaxed exploration of what was happening in my mind. The first thing that struck me was that I was “not UNDER.” I had full control of my responses. We further explored my strengths…..why was I chosen as an expert?” Since I had not lost control of myself, I wondered about how effective this therapy would be with me. I finally decided to abandon all. This is not an easy feat for those of us who “control” our lives. Before I knew it, our session was over. I felt a relaxation that I had never known before. In our two subsequent sessions, Jill and I reinforced my feeling of success based on my strengths. Jill taught me a technique to keep me focused – rubbing my forefinger against my thumb. Simple, but exceptional! My final session with Jill came only one week before I was to present. We had agreed that one of my strengths was to go among the “attendees” to my conference, make eye contact, and target those with whom I had gotten a rapport by speaking with them prior to the presentation. When I was announced, I went to the podium wondering if all had been worth it. Twenty minutes later, I had completed my presentation without feelings of trepidation and welcoming any questions that would come my way. THE REAL TEST. I became a “trainer” in my organization which meant preparing training sessions (slides and presentation of those.) to a very large group. This was the test of every day activity, not just big event activity! I did not waver in the least! What success!!!!! One Year Later I was selected for a Session Chair position for the 2010 Pharmaceutical Annual Meeting. I had to select a panel, organize their speaking content, approve their final slide presentations, maintain continual communications with the group, and motivate them to do the best they could do. Because this was an international meeting, I had not met my panel until the day before our presentations. It was amazing how I was able to utilize what Jill taught me, to not only cope with my own events, but with those who were presenting under my aegis. The session was not only a grand success, but many people of power contacted me about it and how much they enjoyed it. The best part? I experienced no anxiety from the moment I was told that I would be a chair of the session until the moment it was over. I actually looked forward to it. And best yet…..I really enjoyed it!!! Jill, I am forever grateful for all you did for me and with me. I was always in control, and I finally did feel “POWERFUL.” I recommend not just hypnotherapy as a mode of transforming one’s doubts into feelings of security, but I recommend Jill! She has the power to help you realize the person living inside you!!! I just got back from Washington, DC, where my annual meeting was held. I returned victorious! Jill, there are no word to thank you for what you helped me become!"

"When I first came to Jill Tannenbaum I was desperate. As a 62 year old male with chronic insomnia I was used to sleeping poorly off and on but this time was different. I hadn't slept more than three hours a night for five months. I had tried just about everything: drugs, doctors and the sleep clinic without any relief when I read something somewhere about hypno therapy and found Jill. What first separated Jill from the doctors and the ``sleep specialists`` was that she really seemed to care about finding an answer to my specific sleep problems instead of just handing me some new pill. She asked questions and tailored my sessions to finding a way to guide my mind to a place where it allowed my body to sleep. She really seemed to take it personally when I still wasn't sleeping after the first couple of sessions and assured me she was going to find the answer! This was quite a change from the other doctors I had been to who didn't care about me once they had put me through all their standardized tests and couldn't make any more money from me. But Jill redoubled her efforts and I think I got better at letting my mind go so that her suggestions could get through, and pretty soon I found myself sleeping more and more to the point where last night I got eight hours of sleep! And it's a better quality sleep - deeper, which Jill was targeting. So if you're wondering if Jill can help you with your problem and if it's worth the expense to try it, I can tell you she has changed my life for the better, and how can you put a price on that? My only regret is that I didn't find her twenty or thirty years ago!"

"For a number of years I have struggled with a variety of emotional issues and have sought a variety of practitioners for help. Whether it was trying to overcome an eating disorder, dealing with depression, or improving my self-confidence, I feel as though I've been on a mission to find a remedy to a number of different issues and discover balance in my life. I've worked with mental health professionals, doctors, and even taken medication to help me feel better but none provided a permanent solution for me. Until recently, the only thing I hadn't tried was hypnosis. Living in the central NJ area I did some online research and found Jill Tannenbaum Certified Hypnotherapist under Bucks County Hypnosis. I made my first appointment and thought I'd give hypnosis a try - what did I have to lose? Prior to meeting with Jill I had never visited with a hypnosis professional but had tried self-hypnosis on my own. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but after just a few minutes of meeting Jill, I knew that I had found a genuine individual who sincerely wanted to understand the issues keeping me back and wanted to help. After just a few appointments, I felt deep and lasting change. I had been dealing with BED, binge eating disorder for nearly 20 years and have seen it washed away. I'm no longer living to eat, but eating to live. And most importantly, I'm not obsessing about food all day long or beating myself up when I bite into something that hasn't been deemed healthy by the latest nutritional guru. The other issue I wanted to address with Jill was my self-confidence. Although I've achieved successes in my life, I never truly felt that I was successful enough, confident enough, or able to take on new challenges with a sense of confidence and belief. That has all changed. Jill helped me to replace negative self talk with positive self talk and see myself as the person who I want to be. This renewed sense of self has had a tremendous impact on my attitude, outlook, and overall feeling of happiness. I want to personally thank Jill for working with me to achieve impressive changes in my emotional well-being and sense of self. Thank you Jill and thanks for making the process of professional hypnosis so easy and attainable."

"In just 3 short sessions, Jill got my son over a significant difficulty he had with eating most foods. In literally 2 sessions, he was eating most foods that he had previously refused to eat, and by the 3rd session, he was no longer refusing any foods. He was even able to travel overseas, and had no difficulty eating any of the foods there. Thank you, Jill. You have made life so much easier for him!"

"I cannot thank Jill Tannenbaum enough for helping me to stop smoking. Jill has helped me in so many more ways then just being a non smoker. In fact, being a non smoker is only a small part of what Jill has done for me. When I met Jill she immediately made me feel comfortable, as if she understood my issues, and after only two appointments I was a non smoker. When I went back for the third appointment I had new stresses as a non smoker. She listened intently and was able to address issues I faced in a ``new world`` as a non smoker. I am now able to address and deal with stressful situations without feeling as if I need to smoke. I am able to be outside without feeling like smoking was what I should do. I am now able to take a break or reward myself for tasks completed without smoking. I am free of a nasty habit which was in some ways running my daily schedule. I now have the determination to do almost anything and the self confidence to get me there. Thanks to Jill I have become a more calm and friendly person who enjoys spending more time with her children."

"Jill Tannenbaum helped me put my nail picking behind me. For years I had been picking and biting my nails and was never happy with the way my hands looked. Finally, after 30 years I decided to do something about it and try hypnotherapy. I had fours sessions with Jill and now my hands look beautiful and I never bite or pick them any more. It's unbelievable, but it really works!"

"For the past 18 years my vacations have been limited to destinations that could be reached via driving. Feeling "trapped" I decided to finally conquer my fear of flying with hypnotherapy. Honestly, I thought that my fear/phobia was too strong to be healed. Just thinking about getting on an airplane would send me into a panic. However, as I am sitting here writing this note, I am thinking about the wonderful vacation that I shared with my family in Punta Cana, and yes I got there on an airplane. Jill has been an amazing support to me. Her patience and kindness made me feel at ease during our sessions. After each appointment I felt my fear of flying start to ease. Jill gave me strategies to use before and during the plane ride. Finally I feel as though I have conquered this fear. At last I feel free! I am already planning our next vacation."

"For 29 years I was a hardcore smoker. I tried quitting cold turkey, step-down methods, etc but never could quit. I was diagnosed with diabetes and knew in my heart that I really had to stop smoking or it would make my health worse. I contacted Jill Tannenbaum to ask questions about hypnosis and by the end of the conversation an appointment had been made. To be honest, I really didn't think it would work. If it didn't I could always say I tried everything. To my surprise after my first session, I never picked up another cigarette. It's been 5 1/2 years now and I am still smoke free. Thanks Jill, not only do I not smoke, but now I have a savings account with the money I would spend on the cigarettes!"